Cosmo Police Galivan

Category: Action
Model: NES

Screen Shots


Once again the universe is at peril from invaders from beyond, but this time their target is Earth! Galivan and company don't have time to find items or level up weapons as in Galivan's previous outing; this is a no holds barred slugfest. Three characters are playable, each with varying stats but basically the same moveset. Each character has a standard straight ahead punch or kick, a sweeping kick, an uppercut, and a ranged attack that must be charged up. At the start of the game and the end of every level the player can add stat points to their character to increase their HP, defense, jump height, and strength of normal and special attacks. A 2 player versus mode is included as well. Both players can choose from the three main characters, and the second player can additionally choose from one of the four normal enemy types.

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