Mitsume ga Tooru

Category: Adventure
Model: NES

Screen Shots


Mitsume ga Tooru is a video game for the Family Computer. It is based on the manga and anime called The Three-Eyed One. The main character is Hosuke Sharaku. The game contains five level with different designs and a boss in the end of all stages. The player's character can shoot and jump, also he can summon the Red Condor (Akai Condor). The Red Condor is an important weapon during in the game. It can be used as a jumping platform if you jump on the top of the spear, or it is simply attack the enemies (doing double damage). The basic weapon is a regular bullet. It goes straight forward with medium speed. But you can buy another 3 different type of bullets with different advantages and disadvantages. To buy weapons and other things (like life) you need gold coins. The gold coins is dropped by killed enemies, and can be increased its value by shooting it.

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