Binary Land

Category: Casual
Model: NES

Screen Shots


Through this game, you must guide a male penguin and a female penguin. The male and female penguins are in love with one another and your goal is to reunite them. The two penguins begin the game on opposite sides. There are a number of barriers between them including wall and bricks. The game levels have a top down vertical perspective. When you are in control of one penguin, the other penguin mimics whatever moves you make. The other penguin makes the same moves as your penguin but in the other direction. For example, if you move right the other penguin will move left. You must get both penguins to the top of the level. It is important to orchestrate your actions so that your penguin and the other penguin will arrive on opposite sides of the top square at the same time. When playing the Binary Land game, you must plan your moves and use puzzle-solving skills. There are enemies throughout the levels. Some of your enemies are spiders that can attack or use their webs to get in your way. You are able to kill spiders to earn points and there are different power-ups throughout the levels. This game does have a time limit. You should be aware of the time as you make your way through the stages so that you do not end up running out of time. By using good time management and strategic game play, you can reunite these penguins

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