Kick Master

Category: Action
Model: NES

Screen Shots


The kingdom of Lowrel is attacked and burned by monsters sent by the evil sorceress Belzed (curiously, some sources such as Nintendo Power described Belzed as a male wizard,[1]). In the attack, the King and the Queen are slain and their only child, Princess Silphee, is kidnapped. The king's guards were all killed, except for the knight Macren. He and his younger brother, Thonolan, an aspiring martial artist, take off on a long journey to free the princess. As the fight against the wicked Belzed's minions commences, Macren is mortally wounded by a skeleton. With his dying breath, he pleads his brother to use his "great kicking skills" to avenge him and Thonolan swears to make Belzed pay for this.

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