Adventure Island II

Category: Adventure
Model: NES

Screen Shots


Adventure Island II is the sequel to Adventure Island and the second game in the series. The player controls Master Higgins, who must travel to eight different islands in order to once again rescue his kidnapped girlfriend Tina. This time Higgins can enlist the help of a few dinosaur allies that he rescues along the way. There are also different boss characters for each world this time. The rules of the game are the same as those in the original Adventure Island, with the main new feature being the addition of an inventory system. Before the player begins a stage, he can choose which of Higgins' animal friends to bring (if he has rescued any), as well as whether or not he should bring one of the stone hammers he has accumulated. Because of this, the player can no longer upgrade to shooting fireballs when he picks a second hammer. Instead, it gets added as a reserved hammer to the player's inventory.

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