Kid Kool

Category: Casual
Model: NES

Screen Shots


The main character is on a quest to obtain seven herbs needed to help cure a king from an illness. The game will gradually progress from "day" to "night" modes as a timer counts down, with each cycle taking one hour in play time. There are multiple endings to the game, with the ending gained based on the time taken to complete the game. These range from the king having passed away if the player takes more than three hours, to being given four other rewards, starting with a bag of money for the fourth best ending, a bag of gold and a high position in the kingdom for the third ending, a chest of gems and the princess for the second ending, and finally a chest of gems, the princess, and the promise to rule the kingdom for the best ending. The Vic Tokai game Decap Attack (Magical Hat no Buttobi T?bo! Daib?ken in Japan) and Sega's Psycho Fox are part of the same family of games, sharing various control and design similarities.

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