Mad City(The Adventures of Bayou Billy)

Category: Beat Em Up
Model: NES

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The Adventures of Bayou Billy, (Also known as The Adventures of Forest Steam.) released in Japan as Mad City in Japan in 1988. The player takes control of the title character, Billy West, who must fight to save his girlfriend Annabelle Lane from the gang of Godfather Gordon. There are a total of nine stages in all: five side-scrolling beat-em-up stages (or street fighting stages, as the game actually dubs them), two light gun shooting (shoot-'em-up) stages, and two action driving stages. In the street fighting stages, Billy has a basic repertoire of punching and kicking attacks, as well as a jump kick, and can pick up weapons from the enemies such as a throwing knife, a whip, and a wooden stick. The player can also use a gun after picking it up for the first time by pressing the select button. Other power-ups in these stages includes a bulletproof vest which reduces damage from enemies and a health-restoring chicken drumstick. The shoot-em-up stages can be played with the regular controller in mode B or with a NES Zapper light gun peripheral in mode A. Played from Billy's perspective, the objective of the shooting stages is to defend oneself from the other gunmen until reaching the stage boss, while conserving as much ammo as possible. The player can pick up bullets and a first-aid kit to restore their ammo and life energy respectively, as well as an hourglass which gives the player unlimited ammunition for a limited period. The player takes control of Billy's jeep during the action driving segments, where they travel the road from the swamp to the city as they maneuver their way through enemy vehicles and other road hazards, before the time limit runs out. Billy's jeep is armed with a machine gun that can be used to take out other cars, as well as grenades that be thrown at enemy planes. Gasoline can be picked up to gain more time. In addition to the main game, there's a practice mode where one can play through one of the three segments from the main game and familiarize themselves with the controls. When one of the practice stages is completed, the player will gain a power-up that can be used during the main game.

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