Jurassic Park

Category: Shoot Em Up
Model: NES

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Jurassic Park is a video game based on the film and novel of the same name. The player take the role of main character Dr. Alan Grant. Much like the movie and novel which it is based on, he is trapped on a island that is a dinosaur amusement park. The power has been knocked out and the dinosaurs are roaming free. The player's goal is to protect the parks' owner, John Hammond, grandchildren Lex and Tim and completing a series of missions that will eventually lead to him escaping the island without being eaten. The game is a top-down shooter. The player must complete six levels/missions with objectives ranging from rescuing Hammond's grandchildren, destroying Velociraptor nests, turning the power back on and so forth. Each level consists of a varying amount of stages where the player must collect a certain amount of dinosaur eggs and access cards to advance further into the level. He must battle a varying amount dinosaur foes such as the Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, Compy's and the T.Rex as a end boss of a couple of levels. In order to kill the common dinosaurs, (not all dinosaurs can be killed by the player, only avoided) he must pick up certain types of ammunition all ranging in firepower. There are also "mystery boxes" scattered throughout the game ranging effects. Some will give him health, temporary invincibility or a free life. However some will end up being a bomb and instantly take half the player's life away. Several levels end with a boss fight where the player either have to rescue the kids from being ran over by stampeding Triceratops or being eaten by the T.Rex. The game gives him three lives and five continues. The games' ending consists of the player walking around a small stage filled with the game developers names and an exit where the player can end the game.

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