Metro Cross

Category: Sports
Model: NES

Screen Shots


Metro-Cross is a platform game where the player must run through 32 futuristic levels. He is given a time limit to run through each one while avoiding obstacles and collecting items. The actual running happens automatically, the job of the player is to dodge obstacles and collect items by moving the character sideways and adjusting the speed. If the character finishes the race within the time limit, the remaining time is converted into bonus points and he moves on to the next track. Every fourth track is a special track, which uses the time left over from the previous three as additional time. However, if the character hasn't reached the finish line when the time limit is up, the game is over. Obstacles along the way include glass panels, which break under the character's weight and drop him to a hole, and steam jets which shoot steam at the character. Landing on a glass panel and pushing forward on the joystick, however, creates an extra long jump. Later tracks also feature balls that bounce along the track and must be avoided. Colliding with an obstacle results in a penalty of a few seconds. Later levels include frogs that attempt to jump on the player and slow him down. If three frogs jump on him at the same time, the player is reduced to a very slow speed.

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