Mickey Mouse: Dream Balloon

Model: NES

Screen Shots


Kid Klown in Night Mayor World, known in Japan as Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen, "Mickey Mouse III: Balloon Dreams"), is a platform video game. Mickey Mouse is working part-time selling balloons in order to buy a present for Minnie, whose birthday is a few days away. He gets news from Pluto that Minnie cannot wake up. He sets off to visit her, only to find that she has been trapped in a nightmare. Now, Mickey must journey into Minnie's mind in order to free her from the nightmare. The player character, Kid Klown, carries balloons with which he can attack, jump higher, or float. Including the introduction level, there are seven levels throughout the game, each with its own unique theme. At the every end of each level, there is a bonus stage. The player is able to collect extra lives and extra energy in the bonus stage.

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