Hunt for Red October

Category: Simulator
Model: SNES

Screen Shots


The novel also served as the basis for several computer and video games, as well as some board games. In the card game Killer Bunnies, a limited edition card was made called "Red October". The Hunt for Red October wargame, published in 1988 by TSR, Inc. became one of the bestselling wargames of all time. On June 2, 2009, the MMORPG RuneScape released a quest titled "The Hunt For Red Raktuber", which is loosely based on this story. "Red November" by Fantasy Flight Games (2008) is a board game loosely based on The Hunt for Red October. The theme of the game is that a gnomish submarine (with very heavy Russian influence in style) is falling apart and the crew must repair the problems until rescue arrives.

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