Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

Model: SNES

Screen Shots


Disney's Magical Quest, known in Japan as Mickey's Magical Adventure (Japanese,Hepburn: Mik? no Majikaru Adobench??), is a Disney platform game series released by Capcom. The games star Mickey Mouse and, depending on the game version, either Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck, who must defeat an evil villain, always played by Peg-Leg Pete. The gameplay is similar among all games in the series: the player must move as in a typical platform game, defeating enemies either by jumping on them or by grabbing and throwing blocks at them. One of the most notable gameplay features of the series is the ability to change characters' outfits, which give characters different special abilities. Other gameplay elements in the series include the ability to expand the player's health meter by collecting special hearts, and to shop for items using coins that are scattered throughout the game.

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