Mickey's Playtown Adventure - A Day Of Discovery

Model: SNES

Screen Shots


Mickey Mouse is the figurehead of the Walt Disney Company. Nintendo has acquired many licenses to produce Mickey Mouse, from early Game & Watch titles to the latest home consoles.Mickey's Playtown Adventure - A Day Of Discovery was produced by Hi Tech Expressions. Hi Tech Expressions was an American console game company headquartered in Lower Manhattan, New York City.Hi Tech existed during the early 1990s. During the course of its existence, the company made primarily juvenile-oriented games for young boys and girls. While it made a few adolescent-oriented games like Hunt for Red October and War in Middle Earth (derived from the classic book The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien), it could not shake its reputation for making games marketed towards children. The company was bought and sold by NewKidCo (which merged with Ubisoft). Many of the classic games were released by NewKidCo.

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