Category: Shoot Em Up
Model: SNES

Screen Shots


Realm is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform video game with shooting elements that was originally released in 1996. This video game takes place in the extremely futuristic year of 5069 with the player being in control of a young Biomech cyborg.An alien invasion has devastated the entire planet of Earth; destroying almost every human being and devastating our cities.Earth's last hope is a cyborg that travels through five levels (realms) to defeat the enemies with laser weapons and other Space Age guns and save what's left of humanity. This game was released near the end of the Super NES' lifetime and features extensive graphics for a side scrolling action game. This game was reviewed on September 1996 (88th) issue of Nintendo Power - an issue that essentially previewed games that were going to be released in the fourth quarter of that year (up to and including some Christmas releases). A future issue of the same magazine would review this game, giving it average marks in fields like graphics, overall game play, and its overall fun factor.

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