Sonic Blast Man II

Model: SNES

Screen Shots


Sonic Blastman is a video game franchise by Taito starred by the titular superhero, Sonic Blastman. The game originally started as an arcade game, but eventually made its way to the Super NES, with much different gameplay. Both versions received a sequel. The arcade sequel entitled Real Puncher is similar to the original game, but with new levels and was only released in Japan and Europe. The Super NES sequel, entitled Sonic Blast Man II, It likes Final Fight plays similarly to its predecessor, as well, and adds more options, such as new playable characters, two-player modes, among others. On February 16, 2011, Taito revealed another sequel titled Sonic Blast Heroes, at AOU 2011 conference and was planned to hit the arcades at the end of the same month.

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