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Batman, in May 1939 "Detective Comics" 27 mid-term birth of a virtual character, work together to create the package Bo Kane and Bill Finger (but only Ken officialthe famous author), is the super hero of justice to combat crime. Although the beginning of one of the Batman just a few virtual characters be created, but later he became the leaders of the other comic strip superhero. The true identity of Batman is Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne, a wealthy entrepreneur and playboy, and philanthropist; Bruce in childhood witnessed his parents were murdered, so he determined to exercise the body and mind, and wear clothing bats as a source of inspiration to fight crime. Batman with Superman is the most well-known and most popular of the two roles in Detective Comics, and many times made ??into a movie. Batman in the launch of an extremely popular role, and subsequently their own comic book series, "Batman". As time went on, a variety of different interpretations of the role of Batman sprang up. Batman television series of the late 1960s, exaggerated comic aesthetic approach, the results are still in the decades after the series end so that Batman can not escape from the album in the image. The success of the short comic book in 1986, Frank Miller's "Batman: Return of the Black Knight (Batman: the Dark Knight, Return) to the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie, Batman back to Hui original dark tone. Batman is a cultural symbol, have been adapted rendering in several media, including radio, television, movies; more marketing in the world in a variety of products.

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