BS Super Mario Collection 3

Model: SNES

Screen Shots


The game has been ported to several other Nintendo consoles. In 1993, it was included in Super Mario All-Stars, a SNES compilation of enhanced remakes of NES Mario games. A Game Boy Advance version, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, was released in 2003, and included several updates. It features similar graphics to the SNES remake (the release was a port of the SNES version) along with a larger color palette and parallax scrolling, although the latter not to the same extent. The Mario Bros. minigame allows up to four players instead of two, and the Nintendo e-Reader peripheral gives the player access to walkthrough demonstrations as well as new items and levels. In late 2007, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released via the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console service, featuring the original graphics and gameplay of the NES version.

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